Professional Architectural Technologist (PAT20940)


2009 – 2010 Durban, Residential
2010 – 2012 Johannesburg, Residential
2012 – Present, Residential, Commercial and Retail

Carmen completed her studies at the University of Kwa-Zulu Natal in 2008 and began her working career for a reputable firm in the residential sector in Durban between 2009 and 2010 prior to relocating to Johannesburg where she was able to spend a further two years working for a well-known Architectural firm, a world renowned firm in the residential sector.

2012 saw the birth of the future Projects 4 Design partnership, alongside Natasha Lloyd, and the start of further experiences within the commercial and retail sectors. Passionate about photography and art Carmen loves to have her creativity displayed within her home and those of her loved ones; when not designing and letting the creativity take over Carmen spends time with her family and friends.



Project Manager – MDP – Stellenbosch


2004 – 2010 Durban, Residential & Commercial
2010 – Present 2012 Johannesburg, Commercial, Residential and Retail.

Natasha has strived to create a personal philosophy based upon the ability of interior design to transform lives and awaken the senses, to bring calm and tranquility into their spaces. Natasha has over 25 years of experience in the field of project management and well over 10 years of experience working in the interior design filed focusing primarily in the residential sector.

It is with the invaluable knowledge gained from her experiences within the residential sector that she begun Projects 4 Design focusing primarily in commercial interior design. Natasha’s no-nonsense approach, people skills, ability to read and understand clients and exceptional project management skills have ensured that each of the clients and projects tasked to her team and herself is dealt with the utmost sense of respect, design creativity possible and understanding on the implications a budget may have on the possibilities and solutions available for each project.



BSc Interior Architecture 2011, BInt Interior Architecture (Hons) 2014


2012 – 2013 Johannesburg, Commercial
2013 – Johannesburg, Residential
2013 – Johannesburg, Retail
2014 – Present, Residential, Commercial

A graduate of the University of Pretoria, having completed both her undergraduate and honours degree, Gladys joined the Projects 4 Design team in 2014 in a temporary capacity. Having gathered some experience by means of freelance work and previous temporary positions Gladys was able to make use of the knowledge gathered from both her studies and experiences in order to excel during her short time with us. Upon completion of her degree Gladys returned to join our team on a permanent basis and has not looked back since.

A slight perfectionist at heart and an eye for preciseness has allowed Gladys the ability to best design spaces that not only meet the client’s needs but also offer the possibility to exceed these and also provide them with a design that can also allow for some of their wish list desires. Passionate about design, music and food Gladys can be found spending her spare time entertaining others, reading or searching the web for new facts and knowledge to help her improve her designs.



Project Manager

Michael joined the P4D team in 2016 having had extensive experience in the field of project management within the construction, electrical and air-conditioning fields. Michael has had experience in the controlling and coordination of switching operations at a large high voltage facility and it is with said managerial experience that Michael proceeded to into a role as project manager within the residential architectural and interior design field.

Michael as a specialist in the air-conditioning industry has managed sites as well as the installation and maintenance teams and through his experience within the electrical field has held a position which required him to facilitate high voltage regulation courses and training of individuals. It is with this extensive and well-rounded experience in these fields that Michael has joined the P4D team in a capacity as a project manager suitable skilled and knowledgeable in ensuring the correct and well managed execution of projects.



Administrative Assistant